Your enjoyment is our motivation

Life should be sweet and fine, artisanal macarons only add to the sweetness of everyday. By using only the best ingredients with unique flavors, awakening your senses is my pledge to you. Having studied the art of chemistry, I can now follow my passion to engage you in the world of the finest macarons. Sweet, chewy, a nice crisp top, the French macarons by The Bearded Baker are a homemade treat for any festivity. Our primary goal is to satisfy your sweet tooth with macarons, and we will work hard to accomplish just this. Purity, always. Indulge, but don't forget to share.

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The Bearded Baker - French macarons available in local markets and for parties/events. French Macarons in New York.

The Bearded Baker. French Macarons and specialty desserts in the NYC-metro area. Available for events and parties. The best tasting desserts in NYC.